14 June 2019


We are so excited to be dropping the very first edition of Good News.

With so much negativity in the world, it's easy to lose sight of the positive impact that we can have as an industry. That's why every month we will be bringing you the wonderful, the inspirational, and the most successful campaigns that are changing the world.

Kind regards, 
the Good-Loop team.

As the saying goes charity begins at home, so what better place to start than with a roundup of what we've been up to over at Good-Loop HQ.

Miles for the People

Country: Brazil

Agency: Grey Brazil

Brand: Reclame Aqui

Category:   Creative
Grey Brazil asks politicians to hand over the air miles they've racked up on the taxpayers' dime. Making them accessible for those struggling to purchase flights for vital trips such as health treatments and educational opportunities. 

Working in partnership with Reclame Aqui, the content showcases every step of the journey; from their online attack campaign to doorstepping the politicians (no prizes for guessing their response).

Grey is able to highlight the corruption in Brazilian politics whilst also benefiting those who suffer the most, the public. They perfectly encapsulate the importance of not only starting the conversation but  offering a solution.  'Miles for the People' is a perfect example of using the power of media to instantly impact lives.
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Redefine Black

Country: Global

Brand: P&G

Category:  Media
P&G wants to redefine the word black in favour of its relation to skin colour and culture. 'My black is beautiful'  is pushing dictionaries to remove words like "dirty", "angry", and "evil" from the description.

Using their influence in society and media, P&G has given a huge platform to the conversation; which has already seen Dictonary.com pledge to make updates and revisions that will be rolled out later this year.
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Google vs. abortion

Country: UK, US, and Ireland

Brand: Google

Category:   Technology
Google has unveiled new stringent abortion ad rules against the backdrop of the Alabama bill controversy. Google will now require those wanting to advertise in google searches against termination inquiries to prove whether or not they offer abortions.

It's one of the first big steps, albeit rather late, taken by the tech giants to tackle the spread of misinformation online, specifically that targeted at free choice. The move protects women from being misled to clinics that don't actually offer support but instead look to deter.

It comes at the same time YouTube has announced it is hardening its stance on white supremacists and Holocaust deniers as the giants become more accountable for the content featured on their platforms.
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Unilever Pay Promise

Country: Global

Brand: Unilever

Category:   Media
Unilever commits to gender parity at managerial level by 2020.  Chief executive Alan Jope also committed to delivering the goal of "50% women at manager level".

Unilever is sticking true to the changes they've vowed to make by 2020. As well as pushing for higher diversity in the work place the group pushes change through The Sustainable Living Plan which seeks to halve its environmental impact by 2030.
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If you're looking for a little bit more...
  • The UN calls time on hunger with  Tik-Tok by encouraging users to take part in a dance challenge on the app.
  • Louder Than Guns  – LA mayor Eric Garcetti’s office and his Youth Council to End Gun Violence are trying to put an end to gun violence through a life insurance style campaign.
  • Havas Lynx want to shift the mindset of the world on mental health.
  • McDonald's in Sweden are now housing honeybees on their roof as part of the McDonald's Sweden's sustainability work.
  • Gillette heralds the importance of your first shave, focusing on a transgender teen.
  • Unilever creates ‘The soap with a lump’ to encourage women to check for breast cancer.
  • Facebook is now the proud owner of a massive solar farm.
  • Google's new online museum will honour women who defied female soccer bans worldwide. The search giant is crowdsourcing material for the ‘Offside Museum’ exhibit.
  • Coca-Cola Italy focuses their newest campaign on recycling.
  • Facebook agrees to meet with censorships campaigners after WeTheNipple protest.
  • Budweiser harness the spirit and female empowerment of Elizabeth I for their English Lionesses advert.