22 August 2019

Happy Friday from Good-Loop HQ!

Staying true to its name, we want to start this newsletter with some very Good News: Good-Loop has been named the first AdTech company in the world to be officially certified as a B Corporation!

Businesses that receive the B Corp accolade are those that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

Each one is given an Overall B Impact Score, broken down to show their impact on things like their workers, environment, and community.

Much like the Fair Trade mark, the B Corp stamp of approval is only given to those companies striving to make the world a better place by creating benefits for all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

In this edition of Good News, we're celebrating some companies that you may have heard of but probably had no idea were B Corps.

The rise of the B Corps is here and we are loving it!

Kind regards,
The Good-Loop Team.


B Impact Score:

Highest scoring area:
Community - 58.7


Patagonia's latest black hole bags are made from 10 million recycled bottles.

Probably one of the most famous B Corps, Patagonia, has launched a line of backpacks made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles. It comes as they push towards their goal of using 100% renewable and recycled material.

Seen as one of the world's most transparent brands, Patagonia has a reuse and recycle initiative in place, and in the past have refused to work with "ecologically damaging" companies on Wall Street.
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Havas London 

B Impact Score:

Highest Impact Area: 
Workers - 29.9

Back in 2018, Havas London became the first major advertising agency to achieve B Corp Certification. 

Their mission is to make a meaningful difference to the businesses, brands, and lives of the people they work with, both internally and externally.

Havas London now boasts a team of eco-warriors, HKX Roots, who are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the business. They also created a building-wide team of mental health ambassadors, looking after the wellbeing of their staff by opening a wellness lounge for the 2,000 employees based at their KX home.
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B Impact Score:

Highest Impact Area: 
Workers - 23.4

Danone has become the largest B Corp in the world! Their North American branch now holds the title as Danone work towards becoming B Corp certified across the globe.

For decades, Danone has addressed the importance of corporate social responsibility and now, along with other B Corps, they're legally committed to putting purpose before profit.

Danone wanted to be more transparent on whose interests they best served as a business. They've already passed the rigorous B Corp assessment in the UK, Spain, Egypt, Indonesia, and Canada. And are currently working toward tripling their worldwide
plant-based sales - proving it really is good for business to be good! 
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Conscious Company Magazine

B Impact Score:

Highest Impact Area: 
Enviroment - 20.5

One of the few publications to be B Corp certified, Conscious Company Magazine is on a mission to inspire and empower businesses to redefine success.

Conscious Company Magazine was America's first print and digital magazine focused solely on sustainable and conscious business practices. Since 2015 they have transformed into a multi-media company that executes conferences, workshops, online learning and podcasts that connects, educates and inspires mission-driven business.
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Bulb Energy

B Impact Score:

Highest Impact Area: 
Workers - 33

From lighting bulbs to planting them - Bulb Energy recently celebrated building 100 edible gardens in schools across the country. 

Through their partnership with Trees for Cities, Bulb has helped fund the vibrant outdoor spaces by donating £1 to the project every time someone switches to their renewable energy. 
Bulb Energy focuses on the idea of providing reliable, affordable, and renewable energy to everyone and this project shows that sustainability really is at the heart of Bulb.
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B Impact Score:

Highest Impact Area: 
Workers - 27.5

Serving up a solution to unnecessary food waste in the hospitality industry is B Corp certified Winnow.

Winnow solutions are leading the way in sustainable food through their AI-powered bins that help chefs around the world drastically cut food waste. Their partnership with Ikea has resulted in 7.2 million meals being saved through their technology. 

They are currently saving $30 million a year in food wastage and aim to increase this to $1 billion a year as they scale up their technology over the next few years.
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