5 February 2020

Welcome to the first issue of Good News 2020!

Although the holidays now seem like a fond memory, the world of advertising rests for no one and #AdsForGood looks like a theme that will be carrying on deep into the new decade. 

By the end of last year, by incorporating purpose into advertising, Good-Loop campaigns raised over £500k on behalf of brands for some amazing global causes. But what will 2020 bring for the ever-evolving partnership?
A month in, this year has already seen brands and agencies alike shouting about their values, with consumers no longer willing to put their money into companies that are damaging the world. 

From Twitter no longer running political ads to Sainsbury's committing to being carbon neutral by 2040, brands are more eager than ever to show what their values are and we're so excited to see where that takes the advertising industry.

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The Good-Loop Team.

Guardian ban advertising from Fossil Fuel firms

Guardian is to ban advertising from fossil fuel firms and become the first major global news organisation to institute an outright ban of this kind.

Taking the first step towards a more sustainable future of funding the Guardian have announced that they are placing a ban on taking money from companies that extract fossil fuels. A hot topic in 2019, sustainability and climate change activism show no signs of going anywhere and hopefully, this move by the Guardian encourages others to follow suit.

They made the announcement in the same week that Bloomberg launched Bloomberg Green, dedicated to committing significant resources to climate change news, analysis, and solutions.
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Motorworks Brewery

Yappy Hour

A Florida brewery brings its local community together for an unforgettable Yappy Hour.

In an afternoon filled with hops and hope, Motorworks Brewery put on the activation for their imaginative campaign that saw rescue dogs printed on their cans. They released a special four-pack of one of its flagship beers that featured friends from a local animal shelter. 

A couple of the pups even made an appearance at the event with two finding their new families. We love a story with a yappy ending.
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Fighting Fire with Fired


Creative agency Anomaly are taking a new approach when asked "When will we start seeing the impact of Climate Change" by fighting fire with fired.

As Australia went up in flames it became very apparent very quickly that help may not be coming from the places it should be. It was left to the public to fund donations towards volunteer firefighters and reforestation charities, to name a few. 

Fighting Fire with Fired, Anomaly decided to highlight the impact by 'Firing' all of their Aussie colleagues and donating their salaries to Australian Charities, because we've all almost certainly worked with an Australian. They’re in almost every agency... the simple truth is we need Australians. Which means we need Australia."
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Greenpeace and Aardman

Turtle Journey: The crisis in our oceans

Greenpeace is highlighting the plight of the ocean's turtles in a new short animated advert featuring Olivia Coleman. 

"Six out of seven sea turtles species are currently threatened with extinction" - That's the key message in the most recent campaign from Greenpeace. Partnering with Aardman, the creators of Wallace and Gromit, the short story aims to highlight the plight turtles currently face due to human interference. 

Highlighting current social issues, such as single-use plastics and fracking, it's hoped the new campaign will encourage people to sign the petition calling for a global network of ocean sanctuaries to protect the turtles' homes.
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